Turn your website into a Lead Generation MACHINE!


We set objectives and targets as part of your marketing strategy so that we have a benchmark to work to and improve upon. We will identify the right marketing channels and tactics that provide the highest return on investment (ROI) for your business. We will measure the results so we can adapt and refine your marketing plan making it more effective and efficient. By focusing on your target market, we can streamline your marketing activity in order to maximize your marketing budget.

Having a digital presence starts with a well strategized website. A website should hold all your content and be the place that talks about you and what you offer. B-Zinga can develop a website based on your needs as well as create content that will engage your target market helping turn leads into sales. Most people search for a service or product online and go directly to a website to find out about your business. Being able to be found on the web easily and customer experience on your website once they click on your website reflects you as a business which is why it is important that this works efficiently.

Website Design  •  Email Marketing  •  Social Media  •  Marketing Materials  •  Event Planning & Promotion

Domain Registration, Website Hosting & Email Addresses

B-Zinga offers domain registration, a range of web hosting and email options based on your needs. Cost is dependent on type and amount of content on your website, your upload speed requirements, number of domains, managing a database of contacts, how you want to use your email and its functionality such as calendars and integration. By having a sound strategized content plan you can prepare for the expansion and delivery of your website needs without rebuilding the site and structure saving you money.

Set up your website so that it generates LEADS

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