Your website is an essential asset that needs to SHOWCASE your brand


Website Services

  • Website Design
  • Website Structure
  • Sitemap & Wireframe Design
  • Website Content
  • Website Technician
  • Website Build
  • Website Security

Why does my business need a website?

Most people search for a service or product online and go directly to a website to find out about your business. Once they get to your website they want to get the answers they are looking for. Your website is often the first touch point with you for your clients and if you website does not give a good impression then they will go somewhere else. You have 3 seconds to capture them. You want your website to show your value, tell your customers what you do, how they can contact you and how they can buy from you. It gives you the ability to connect with you customers. 

Your website is:

  • The first impression you give to your customers
  • Tells people what you do and how to contact you
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Allows you to global and not local
  • Becomes a gatekeeper
  • It is where all your content lives
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Your competitor has a website
  • Becomes a gatekeeper

Plan Your Website for Success

B-Zinga will help you build a strategy for your website and its future, so you do not have to redo your website as your business grows. We can develop a website based on your needs as well as create content that will engage your target market helping turn leads into sales. We also want to add a measurement tool such as Google Analytics to your site so we can measure and quantify visitors to your website.

Why We Recommend WordPress

We recommend WordPress as a platform for building websites for business as the functionality and options for growth are better than other platforms. When we build websites we make sure it has a Child’s theme so it keeps customization when WordPress is updated. We build every website with your business goals We test your site on different web browsers and different devices to make sure it works the way it should and looks great.

Domain Registration, Website Hosting & Email Addresses

B-Zinga offers domain registration, a range of web hosting and email options based on your needs. Cost is dependent on type and amount of content on your website, your upload speed requirements, number of domains, managing a database of contacts, how you want to use your email and its functionality such as calendars and integration. By having a sound strategized content plan you can prepare for the expansion and delivery of your website needs without rebuilding the site and structure saving you money.


Planning a website is the essential step to building a website. Whether you are building it yourself or B-Zinga is building it for you.


We will build your website. We work with you to choose the right platform, create navigation and call to actions that makes sense for your target market.

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We set up your website for you and you can take it from there. This allows you to feel confident in the website as you move forward.

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Set up your website so that it generates LEADS

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