Who get’s it right the first time? Let’s face it no one. You start your own business and you never have enough time to get it right the first time. You got a logo from stock photography online, you build your own website and you joined every social media platform going. But you do have a chance for a do-over!

By taking a step a back and re-strategizing will help you grow. You refine your processes, you have thought of new revenues streams and you probably found people who you bought from you who were not your ideal customer – or so you thought!

This is small business. You have to be adaptable, open to new ideas and willing to change paths when it comes to building a business.

And this is the same for your branding. Maybe it needs updating to match the new direction your business is going, or it needs a logo refined or a refresh of your website. So by taking a little time upfront your immediate chances of success are much better.

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