We have the attention span of a goldfish!

In today’s busy world of information, it is hard to take it in everything. They say our attention span is now shorter than a goldfish – I am not sure about that, but I do know, it is hard to get your message out there.

With advertising, someone has to see the ad over 11 times before it starts making an impression with the reader. I am sure this number is rising every day, so it is important you make your information easy to scan.

Here are a few things to think about to help you.

Put in Sub Headers, Titles, and Breaks into Your Text
This allows the reader to scan to find the information they may want to read. It also breaks up the visual on the page. And although Google says we should have 1500 words on the pages of our website for search engine optimization – who has the time to read 1500 words when you are trying to find out information quickly? It is different if you are reading a white paper or a report where you want details. So you need to think of who is reading the information and why they would read it.

Strategize Your Message
When I create a design, I always put a priority list of information together – what do I want my customer need to know first, second and third etc., and then I move into more details. So when you are creating a marketing message, you need to do the same.

An example of this would be in doing a flyer for an event.
1. Name title of event (focus of interest)
2. Short description (why the customer should come)
3. When is it? (date/time/location)
4. Call to action (How do they RSVP)

Visually Make Your Marketing Work
• Images are great to break up text
• Add bullet points
• Use simple fonts – italics and serif fonts are harder to read
• Limit your CAPITAL LETTERS – use upper and lower case
• White space is good
• Legibility is key, especially with text on background colours
• Prioritize your message with font sizes, capitals, and colours

A Note on Websites
Another point I would like to make is for designing a website. Keep your main message above the ‘fold’. The’ fold’ is considered the area you can view when you first see a website. It use to be set for computers, but even on other devices such as a cell or tablet, the top part of your website will be at the top, so it still makes sense to follow this simple rule.

I go to many websites and the top part of the page is a big video or slider. This part of your website is “prime real estate”. It is the first thing people see. So the question is. are you hooking people or are you distracting them from turning their curiosity into a sale? While a video is great on your website for many reasons, it can slow the process for the user down if used in the wrong place and has the wrong message in it. People came to your website to find information and learn more about you and your services. So give your potential customers the information they want and need!


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