As we start a New Year everyone looks ahead and thinks what to do for the upcoming year. I am not talking about New Year resolutions, but what we want to achieve for our businesses. What I want is to do this year, is help local businesses in Durham Region create visibility and credibility projecting an image of success.

I believe Durham Region is on the poise of success – with the improvements of infrastructure and increase in residential growth, local businesses need to take advantage of that economic development. And to do this, businesses need to look the part and talk the talk!

This comes from developing a brand that is professional and consistent. By looking successful you project an image of success – who does not want to buy a great product from a great company? But if your brand looks unprofessional, then what will your customers think about your products and company?

So today I want to share some thoughts on branding and marketing and encourage everyone to follow these simple  steps and get more from your brand.

  • Get a professional logo – first impressions count – you only get once chance of a first impression.
  • Create a website that is clean and strategized – Who is your audience? What do you want them to do? What is the important information they need to know? How will they contact you?
  • Use social media that is relevant to your audience and make sure the visual and content reflects your brand.
  • Create a strategic marketing plan that ties it all together!

Good luck!


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