Frequently Asked Questions

How can B-Zinga help me grow my business?

We take the time to understand your business, what makes it unique and what you have to offer (your value proposition). Then we look at your target market and who you are talking to when in the marketplace. We ask you what are your business goals. By doing this, we can create a professional image and a marketing message that represents you. This is how we can create more meaningful visibility for your brand.

Questions about B-Zinga’s Services

Do you design logos?

We love creating logos. We will give you three concepts and two further sets of changes as you give us feedback. We do not always get it right the first time. We have to get the vision in your head out on paper. so by having a few rounds of constructive feedback and asking you what you like and dislike we can create a logo that you feel good about.

You will get an eps file suitable for print, plus a jpeg and a png to use in digital media.

Do you design websites?

Yes. We build WordPress websites. From a basic three page or five page site to more complex sites, we strategize websites to get the best results from your online brochure

Can I update my own website after you have built the site?

Yes. Once we have built it, you own and manage it. If you would like us to help you with updating your website, we are happy to the help. But we will not hold your website hostage and make you pay to have the site updated. Period.

Can I start with a basic website and add more to it later?

Yes. We believe this is how you should think about your website. Start slow and add content and more pages etc. as your business grows. We always strategize websites at the beginning of the process, so that we can add extra features and pages later. This way you do not have to re-create your website again to accommodate more content. This will help you save money and get a better website from the start.

Can I get help with the content on my website?

Yes. We can help you craft your content based on your target customer. Because we take the time to understand your business we can create more meaningful content for all your marketing materials including your website.

Why should I have a marketing strategy?

We recommend a marketing strategy in order to save you time and money. By setting goals and targets you have a better chance of succeeding. This is what you want to achieve and the why you are doing it. Without this you will not know why you are doing this and will lack focus. The strategy will pull together all your goals and activities together giving you an overall plan to achieve.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is an actionable list of items to help you achieve your strategic goals and to reach your targets. Without a plan (road map) how do you know where you are going and if you ever get there? Each goal should have its own plan.

You will need to think about what are my goals? who am I targeting? what do I want to achieve from my marketing? What activities am I going to do in order to achieve this? And do I have the time and resources to complete this plan?

Can I get marketing help as I need it ?

Yes. We can create a plan for you to execute or take care of your creative needs as you need them. However, we do recommend that you regularly market your business as it is the visibility that will put you in your customer’s mind when they need your product or service.

I want to do my own social media, can I get a plan to execute?

Yes. We can create a plan that offers a calendar of

Can you take care of my marketing for me?

Yes. We offer monthly plans that will you in the minds of your customers. If we take care of your marketing for you it give you more time to do what you are good at – running your business. We can keep your website up to date and help with blogs, social media posting, event promotion, online registration etc.

Questions about B-Zinga’s Payments and Processes

Do you have payments options for large projects?

Yes. We are flexible with you payment terms. When we have assessed your needs and offered you a quote, feel free to talk about payment options.

What is the non-refundable deposit?

We have a 20% non-refundable deposit before work commences. This payment shows a commitment from both parties and shows that both parties are aware of their obligations to both parties. However, if you want to cancel the contract after it has begun there is a specified time in which to do this that will be shown in your Letter of Agreement. However, the deposit paid is not refunded as this covers some of your time and costs that point.

Can you take care of all my design and marketing needs?
What is your turnaround time?
Do you have monthly retainter options?

Yes. By going on a monthly subscription you will get more value. You can get regular help that is scheduled into our work week and you are then guaranteed to get the help each month. This method also has the advantage of bringing you more value as everything is up to date and visible to your potential customers on a regular basis.

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