Strategize Your Website

Having a digital presence starts with a well strategized website. A website should hold all your content and be the place that talks about you and what you offer. B-Zinga can develop a website based on your needs as well as create content that will engage your target market helping turn leads into sales. Most people search for a service or product online and go directly to a website to find out about your business. Being able to be found on the web easily and customer experience on your website once they click on your website reflects you as a business which is why it is important that this works efficiently.Understanding the

Cost and Development of a Website
The cost of a website is dependent on the extent of the website, its design, content, and functionality. A website is often the first point of contact with your customers. You need to guide your customer through the website process and tell them what to do next – buy now, contact us, subscribe to our newsletter. This is called a “call to action”.

You want to tell your story and show makes you unique and why potential customers should choose your products or services rather than your competitors, which means the content on the website is very important. The content on your website is determined by your value proposition, business goals, and target customer. Once you have established your business goals, then you need to develop your website content strategy.

  • Who is going to write the content?
  • How often am I going to add content to my website?
  • Where are the images coming from?
  • Are the images the quality needed to make your business look really professional?
  • Are you going to be having events?
  • Do you use social media?
  • Do you want a blog?
  • What do I want my customers to do when they get to the website?
  • How are my customers going to find my website?

All these questions are relevant to your website. By determining this, we can strategize a website that can grow with your business – so as you add more services, products or outreach in your business it can be reflected on your website. It is then you and only then, you can determine the complete cost of a website.

If you already have a website, it is worth getting a review to make sure it works for your customers.

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