I have thought a great deal about what I want to blog about and what should be the subject of my first blog. And I have decided it should be about my core calues.

As you may or may not know, I have traveled quite a bit in my lifetime. Originally born in the UK, I left the UK to travel to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. While traveling in Australia and New Zealand, I worked as a graphic designer before heading to North America, where I ended up buying a pick-up truck and driving to Alaska. This journey was not an expected journey, but I went along for the ride. Now while you want to know more, this is a blog so I am going to keep it short.

So today, while reading my LinkedIn, I read an article about Richard Branson. I feel that my journey has given me “a spiritual connection” to Richard Branson. I follow his LinkedIn page as I find his core values are similar to mine. We have other similarities such as being English, I believe in entrepreneurship and I have flown on Virgin Blue, his Australian airline (ok maybe that is as similar as we get – I am not rich, do not own an island and have no desire to heard into space). However, I believe his philosophy that even in this day and age, we can make businesses that people love to be a part of and that businesses should treat employees like family. The philosophy of how you approach your business will reflect on how your customers see you and your business. This is in fact branding.

So my core values are about finding talent and nurturing that talent. As I think about starting my business B-Zinga, I want to add talent to my roster of resources. I want to connect with graphic designers, web programmers, photographers, marketers and social media enthusiasts. Durham Region is now my home and the place where my children will grow up and I would like to see Durham Region flourish with great branded businesses. I believe small business is the backbone of a community and if we all work together to build a great place to live and work we all benefit. I believe in integrity, transparency and honesty – this is who I am. And B-Zinga is my brand and this is its vision.

“B-Zinga’s vision is to help raise the image and profile of the local community – business by business”.

Here is the article re Richard Branson: http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/making-work-more-productive

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