We are your Marketing Department with you on single projects or on an ongoing basis

Marketing Strategy

B-Zinga can help you attain results from your marketing by creating a marketing strategy that targets your customers. By taking the time to understand your business’ value proposition we can position in the marketing place in a way that will resonate with your target market. This way you get the most out of your marketing dollars. By setting your marketing goal we can build a strategy that works for you.

Marketing Campaigns

Not matter what you business goals are B-Zinga can create a marketing campaign that can create a marketing plan that will help you achieve those goals. B-Zinga recommends that those goals have measurable results. From a website to a promotional campaign say on Facebook, B-Zinga create strategic campaigns that address a full range of marketing tactics and get your plan into motion.

Website Design

Having a digital presence starts with a well strategized website. A website should hold all your content and be the place that talks about you and what you offer. B-Zinga can develop a website based on your needs as well as create content that will engage your target market helping turn leads into sales.

Most people search for a service or product online and go directly to a website to find out about your business. Being able to be found on the web easily and customer experience on your website once they click on your website reflects you as a business which is why it is important that this works efficiently.

Social Media

B-Zinga can help you set up and use social media as a marketing tool. Whether that is Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or one of the other social media platforms it is important that you use the right one and use it correctly. We can help you create a strategy to use the best social media platform for your target audience, which you can facilitate or we can on your behalf.

Digital Marketing

One of the best ways to let your target market know who you are and what you do is to through digital marketing. By creating a digital newsletter or blog to your website you can build a database of customers and enhance your business image and increase brand loyalty.

We can create help you create your own digital marketing or we can send it out on your behalf. We also create digital market research surveys so that you can find out from your customers what they really want. People are more likely to buy from someone they have already researched on the internet.

Graphic Design

From logo design to the printed or digital collateral you need to conduct business we can create it all. This includes business cards, posters, leaflets, brochures, signage, tradeshow banners, promotional items and even PowerPoint Presentations. Whatever are your needs for a visual presence, we can create using your logo and your brand. First impressions last, so make sure it is a good one with a professionally designed logo.

Content Creation

Creating great content that your target market wants to read can a challenge. B-Zinga can create this content that will resonate with your customers making them want to stay engaged with you. Website content needs to be succinct and relevant. As people are bombarded with information your message needs to be quick to digest and memorable.

Event Marketing

Events are a great way to increase your outreach to potential customers. B-Zinga can help you organize an event as well as create online registration, digital or printed invitations plus promote that event to ensure the success of your event. By making sure that all your outreach is branded well and consistent you will increase brand recognition in the marketplace.

Website Management

Having a website for any business, but if it is out of date and does not function properly than it is doing you an injustice. B-Zinga can update your website on a regular basis for you – add events to a calendar, photos of new products or past events, new promotions, blogs or new webpages. Not only can we add content to your website we can keep the it up-to-date with the last programming updates necessary for your website to function well.


  • 3 Logo concepts developed to final logo
  • Digital Files – eps, jpeg, png
  • Business Card Design
  • Print-Ready Artwork


  • Refined marketing message
  • Elevator Pitch


  • Postcard / Flyer
  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Signage
  • T-shirts / Promo Materials
  • Advertisements
  • Packaging


  • WordPress Website
  • Link to Social Media
  • Contact Form
  • Blog
  • Payment System
  • Event Calendar
  • Business Email
  • Google Analytics


  • Platform Set Up
  • Profile Logo
  • Header Creation
  • About text
  • Call to Action
  • Link to Website


  • Template Design
  • Images
  • Links
  • Call to Action


  • Review of Value Proposition
  • Review of Target Market
  • Set Marketing Goals
  • Action Plan
  • Call to Action


  • Web Landing Page
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Newsletter
  • Google AdWords


  • Target Market Review
  • Action Plan
  • Events
  • Call to Action

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